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Thomasville Sleigh Bed - Martinique, King Street, Irving Park

Sun May 22, 2011 10:56 am
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If you're looking for a Thomasville sleigh bed such as a Thomasville Martinique sleigh bed, a Thomasville king street sleigh bed or a Thomasville irving park sleigh bed, then you have a couple of options to choose between. You can find a range of Thomasville furniture sleigh beds such as Thomasville  Martinique sleigh beds, Thomasville king street sleigh beds as well as Thomasville irving park sleigh beds in twin, queen and king sizes in wood, metal and leather.

Getting a new bed for your bedroom can dramatically change the style and feel of the entire space so it could certainly be something worth doing if you're getting a little tired of the same old thing and you're craving something new. Thomasville furniture feature sturdy quality and great design: their pieces cost a bit more than many other brands, however they make up for the higher price in superior quality and style. A sleigh bed would be an excellent choice since it's such a classic style and I doubt it will ever go out of style. Since the bed takes up so much space in the bedroom, it has such a large impact, so you might as well get something that really makes a statement. And these Thomasville sleigh beds definitely will: they are grand, elegant, sloping and just beautiful. Perfect if you appreciate old time charm, rich wood and nice curves.


Thomasville King Street Sleigh Bed (Queen)

"5/0 Only (Queen). Headboard Height: 59 1/2" (151 cm). Footboard Height: 37 3/4" (96 cm). Floor Space: 70" x 99 1/2" (178 x 253 cm). Slat Bearer Height: 10" (25 cm). Includes headboard, footboard, two 74" (188 cm) wooden side rails, and Mattress Support System"

Thomasville Martinique Sleigh Bed (Queen)

"5/0 Only (Queen). Headboard Height: 53" (135 cm). Footboard Height: 36" (91 cm). Floor Space: 64"w x 90 1/2"d (163 x 230 cm). Slat Bearer Height: 8 1/4" (21 cm). Includes headboard, footboard, two 72" (183 cm) wooden side rails and Mattress Support System"

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