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The "Production" System

Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:16 am
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 A patent examiner is responsible for examining a certain quota of applications every bi-week. The quota of applications that an examiner is required to examine depends upon their GS level and which class of applications they are examining.  For example, an examiner who is a GS-7 may have a quota of 5.25 "counts" required per bi-week, while an examiner who examines in the same class and is a GS-11 would have a quota of 6.75 counts and a GS-13 would have a quota of 8.25 counts. The quota production system is a large reason why many examiners quit within their first couple years at the PTO. To be sure, it is stressful to constantly be under the gun, so to speak. Some people find a way to cope with this system and become extremely successful at managing their applications. Other people despise the constant pressure and resign. This story in the Washington Post discusses this part of the patent examiner profession:


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