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Sat Nov 03, 2007 10:21 am
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The Japanese Patent Office provides a computerized English translation of its patents that have been published from 1993 to present. To access the English translation, go HERE, click on "Number Search" in the upper right corner, enter the patent number you are searching for in the format of YY-XXXXXX or YYYY-XXXXXX, select your patent, then on the Abstracts page click on the "Detail" link at the top - this is the English translation. Because this is a just a computer translation, it is not exactly 100% reliable. Often, it is difficult to read or understand exactly what is being said, but you can get the general gist. 

Here's how I use the computer translation: Say I'm looking to see if this patent discloses a particular limitation, such as the method used to form the gate dielectric of a transistor - so I look at the translation and I find the paragraph(s) where they are talking about the gate dielectric, but it's not exactly clear from the garbled translation how the dielectric is formed; well, I write down the paragraph numbers where I think this information is and I take it to our Japanese translator on staff. Now, all I have to do is ask the translator to tell me what it says about the gate dielectric in this particular paragraph and I get the info I need immediately, instead of waiting, sometimes days, for the translator to translate the entire Japanese patent. 

Tue Nov 20, 2007 4:33 am
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