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Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:59 pm
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If your new home's factory windows don't quite live up to expectation or if the windows you do have need replacing, why not move up to Marvin storm windows. Keep out bugs and other pests with a half screen. Keep your home's energy efficiency up to modern standards with Marvin storm windows. For even more efficiency, consider an Energy Panel. It is technically a glazing option and the panel is removable. It is an exterior glass panel that covers the exposed glass surface of each sash. They offer added energy efficiency for wood windows.

Additionally, you can find Marvin aluminum storm windows, Marvin wood storm windows, as well as Marvin storm window screens among other products. No matter whether you're looking for replacement storm windows, storm windows and doors, vinyl storm windows, or interior storm windows, you're sure to find something that blends with the décor of your home. Decorate your home in style with Marvin storm windows. Upgrade cracked or rotting weather stripping with new Marvin storm windows. Let their professional appearance adorn your home. Impress your neighbors with the installation of new Marvin storm windows. How can you worry about the inside of your home if what protects it from wind and hail and rain is old and decaying? Cracked or chipped glass can present a serious safety hazard for you and your family. Nip these potential hazards in the bud with Marvin storm windows. Save on electricity with Energy Panels and other upgrades for home windows. Let your home take advantage of new installation and new technology designed to better suit you and your home. Go with Marvin storm windows.


 Marvin Half Screen Storm Window

"Exterior screen with an aluminum surround. (See Clad Color Options.) The screen covers only the lower portion (bottom sash) of the window."


Marvin Energy Panel Storm Window

"Often confused with storm windows, an Energy Panel is technically a glazing option. It is a removable, exterior glass panel finished on the edges by a surround. Energy panels cover the exposed glass surface of each sash, and offer added energy efficiency for wood windows with single glazing."

These storm windows can be found at

Thu Mar 18, 2010 3:11 am
Name: Mark Hinrichs | Comment: Marvin does make composite alum./wood frame 3 track combination storm windows that look much more historic than standard aluminum combination storm windows. They're a very good solution to making existing historic windows more energy efficient. However, the photos above are not showing Marvin's storm windows. They're showing Marvin's clad wood double hung window with a removable half screen and a Marvin wood double hung with removable exterior secondary glazing panel.

Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:39 pm
Name: Paul | Comment: Mark, I take it you know a thing or to about Marvin combination storms. The ability to have a historic style wood storm with the ability to use both functions of the double hung appears to be a rare find. Marvin representatives are practically useless as they are not empowered with any sales information. For Crying out loud Marvin fails to even put a picture on their website to show the consumer what they are purchasing. All knowledge I have has been obtained via the net from current owners of these storm windows. I am told they have an attractive price yet they are put together with staples and incorporate finger jointed wood. Any wise tradesman will tell you how long this type of setup will last. Would you or anyone reading this have any information regarding these storms. Thanks!!!

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