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Sat Jul 23, 2011 7:41 pm
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A storm door z bar is one of those things which you might need in some situations, and in the case that you do need one, it's good to know they are readily available (if you don't need one, you'll probably never come accross it, or pay attention to this type of hardware.) Storm door z bars secure the meeting of two doors or a door and frame. The one piece construction makes them strong and durable, so it's really quite a good piece to get if you want to ensure that your door is well secured. Storm doors are a must if you want to keep an eye on what's outside of your home. They provide insulation and security and protection against the elements.

Picture the luxury of looking at snow and ice from the inside of your home with a storm door. Picture the ease of opening up your back door and looking out the storm door at a rain or hail storm from the comfort and ease of your home. Be free from insects and blowing leaves as your storm door z bar securely holds in place two doors. You can find a range of different z bars at various hardware stores made in metal such as steel. There are many types of z bars available in different compositions, so it's rather important to know exactly what it is that you need before you go out and purchase one. Hardware and home improvement stores tend to have a pretty nice selection of these types of things, however if you can't find exactly the part for your door, then trying online is always an opiton.  Storm doors come in all different types from different compositions to custom types. A storm door is a long term investment in your home and security: it is long term protection against the elements, and of course it's simply practical as well. One lets you look outside your home from the safety and convenience of your home. Invest in your home and invest in a storm door with a storm door z bar.


National Bar Holders, Closed

"Product design allows a 2"x4" or other like item to secure the meeting of two doors or a door and frame. Heavy Steel construction. One Piece Construction. Zinc Plated"


Larson 32" Tradewinds Full-View Storm Door

"EasyVent retractable screen system provides ventilation when you need it and a clear view when you don't. 1-7/8" aluminum frame. Solid brass handleset with deadbolt security lock"

These doors can be found at

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