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Sears Storm Door

Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:53 am
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A Sears storm door would be a nice addition to a home, especially if you're concerned about style and durability, and you also want a friendly, helpful staff to be with you in the process. There are of course several home improvement stores to choose between when it comes to buying a door (Home Depot, Lowes etc...) as well as door centers and stores, however Sears seems to be a good choice because they have a nice selection and their quality seem to be very high as well. Sears storm doors are affordable, sleek and functional and you can find doors over at their store in vinyl, wood, metal etc...

Whether you currently have a storm door that needs replacing, or you're just thinking about the concept and you just have a regular front door doesn't matter much, you're sure to find a wide selection. It definitely makes a lot of sense however, to go for one in high quality since doors are something that get abused rather frequently, and you don't want to end up with loose parts that needs replacing too quickly! With a storm door (ideally one that can turn into a screen door during the summer) you probably will end up lowering your energy bill (since an extra door will provide additional insulation), and you will be able to enjoy a fresh breeze from outside during the summer by keeping the door open and not having to worry about insects entering your home.

Either way, Sears has a nice selection of different options and you can find lots of great storm and screen door models which are well made as well as nice looking.

Sears Security Doors and Steel Entry Doors

"Sears offers beautifully crafted entry doors with old-fashioned quality standards. You'll find a wide selection of steel security door features, including: Continuous steel edge for strength and better security. 20-gauge steel construction with a poly-core fill - that looks like natural wood. Exclusive brand names like WeatherBeater. More than 90 entry door styles to complement your home. Turn your home into a showplace with security entry doors from Sears.

These doors can be found at

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