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32, 34, 35, 78 Storm Door

Sat May 05, 2012 3:13 pm
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If you're looking for a 32 storm door, a 34 storm door, a 35 storm door, or a 78 storm door then you have several options to choose between. 32 storm doors, 34 storm doors, 35 storm doors, as well as 78 storm doors are available in various sizes and materials. In fact, finding the right storm door for your particular door opening can be a bit tricky, so unless you feel absolutely comfortable picking your door out and installing it, it might be better to let a professional into your home to measure and then to install the finished product. Of course the downside with this strategy is that it inevitebly cost more money, however sometimes that can be worth it.

You can find a range of storm doors in various materials such as wood, vinyl and metal, and then a whole array of different designs and styles in between those categories. Picking the right one, can of course be tricky: it should of course fit your door opening perfectly, but it should also go well with your overall decor and style. A storm door is perfect when you want to protect against letting cold air and bugs into your home. Many storm doors can also very easily be converted to screen doors: you simply replace the glass with a screen, and right away you will have a functional screen door, perfect for the summer when you might want to let a breeze into your home but you don't want bugs to come too. Otherwise, a storm door acts as a second barrier between the indoor and the outdoor so it can help you reduce drafts and also help you save on your utility bills. So if you're thinking about getting a new model, then checking out your local home improvement store such as Home Depot, Sears or Lowes can certainly be worthwhile since they offer a nice selection of different products.


Larson 36" Tradewinds Full-View Brushed Nickel Storm Door with eTouch Handle

"Larson's thickest door; 1-7/8" heavy-duty aluminum frame. Overlapping frame seals opening and prevents drafts. ScreenAway retractable screen with EasyVent window system. eTouch keyless entry system"


Larson 32" Tradewinds Full-View Storm Door

"EasyVent retractable screen system provides ventilation when you need it and a clear view when you don't. 1-7/8" aluminum frame. Solid brass handleset with deadbolt security lock"

These doors can be found at

Sat May 05, 2012 3:13 pm
Name: Mark Schomaker URL: www.markymed@ Comment: Iam a GC for a big insurance co from Newark n.j n.y and as far as Texas I'm looking for 2 full glass storm doors for a side job I'm pretty sure 1 door is 32 in and 1 36 in. I installed 4 doors for. A person that I work for can you pls tell me what the cost will be to deliver to 07074 area and if you can send me a catalog to Mark Schomaker 63 Edstan dr Moonachie n.j and a catolage time also with pricing Thank You

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