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Leonard Storage Building

Fri Jun 12, 2009 1:31 pm
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If you're looking for a Leonard storage building, then you have several options to choose between. Leonard storage buildings are durable, practical and well built. You can find Leonard metal storage buildings, Leonard outdoor storage buildings as well as Leonard steel storage buildings among other models. A storage building can really be worth adding on to your property if you have the space. There are many different types of storage buildings, so no matter whether you're looking for a metal storage building, portable storage building, a storage building kit or a wooden storage building, you're sure to find something that fits your space, your style and your budget. 


Lenoard Wood Frame Storage Building

"Sometimes all you need is just a plain old BASIC building. The BASIC is the Leonard entry level model. It is afforable and yet still has durable metal siding and roof. The frame and floor construction are not the same as our premium line but it is a good building for the money."


Lenoard DAVENPORT Storage Building

"The DAVENPORT provides the advantages of a steel tube frame with the traditional look (boxed eved gable with lap siding). The metal siding allows this building to be an affordable alternative to similar models sided with wood or vinyl. While the lap metal siding is a little less substaintial than wood, it will never have to be painted."

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