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This site features a range of stylish and practical Smith and Hawken furniture and especially Smith and Hawken outdoor furniture that would be a perfect addition for most gardens and patios.
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Smith and Hawken Mailbox

Sat May 07, 2011 5:36 am
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If you're trying to find a mailbox that is both charming, of good looks and durable, then why not take a look at these Smith and Hawken mailboxes which surely would be a nice addition to any patio or garden. You can find a range of Smith and Hawken mailboxes such as Smith and Hawken copper mailboxes, Smith and Hawken rural mailboxes, Smith and Hawken Coronado mailboxes as well as Smith and Hawken newspaper boxes. There are definitely quite a few designs to choose between, however all of these pieces are built well and feature such nice looks.

To get a nice looking, appropriate mailbox in front of your house can definitely be a worthwhile investment to make. Ideally you want the mailbox to reflect the style and look of your house, and with these choices it shouldn't be too difficult to find something suitable. You might be more familiar with Smith and Hawken in terms of outdoor furniture, however they also have some really nice accessories such as these mailboxes which are made in very fine materials and would be a great purchase to make, if you're in the market for something like this. To go for a copper mailbox for instance could definitely be a good idea: your mailman as well as visitors to your house would be met by a beautiful hand hammered solid copper box which could only lend additional charm and elegance to your home.

 Smith and Hawken Copper Mailboxes

"Hand-hammered, solid Copper Mailboxes fit reams of mail, while leaving plenty of room for packages and FedEx pouches so they won't get left out in the rain. Hand hammered copper mailboxes will develop a lovely patina over time. Durable, riveted construction"

Smith and Hawken Black Rural Mailboxes

"Roomy. Solid. Distinctive. These steel mailboxes are powder-coated to keep your mail protected and dry while making a stylish statement."

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Smith and Hawken Bench in Metal & Teak

Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:15 am
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To purchase Smith and Hawken bench for your garden makes a lot of sense since you would get a lot of use out of it and there are quite a few different options to choose between. For instance, no matter whether you would prefer a Smith and Hawken metal bench, a Smith and Hawken stone bench or a Smith and Hawken teak bench, you should be satisfied with the build and model. That is one thing that you can definitely rely upon when it comes to their furniture: the quality is of a very high level and the designs are so timeless and elegant.

You can find a range of Smith and Hawken benches in wood, teak, metal, iron and stone. Picking the right material can certainly be a bit tricky. Not only should you think about what appeals to you visually, you should also think about where you're planning on putting the bench. If you're thinking about putting it in your garden, perhaps under a tree, then going for something that doesn't require any maintenance would surely be a good idea. In that case, stone or metal would be a good choice. If on the other hand you're planning on putting the bench on your patio or porch, then going for something in teak (or metal) would maybe be a good idea. Either way, Smith & Hawken would be a great choice since they make such nice pieces that showcase excellent, timeless design and their furniture are made to last for several seasons to come and not just one!

 Smith and Hawken Avignon Benches

"The silhouette of the Avignon Bench—gently arched back, scrolled arms, rounded knee and dished seat—calls to mind the lines of a formal sofa. With a pillow or two, it might settle comfortable into a living room or foyer. But thanks to the weather-deflecting qualities of Premium Teak, the bench may also live happily outdoors year-round."

Smith and Hawken Medallion Bench

"This durable bench features detailing reminiscent of an old English garden bench. Place it on your patio, entryway or garden for an elegant, worldly statement." 

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Smith and Hawken Metal Furniture - Iron, Aluminum

Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:09 am
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Smith and Hawken metal furniture would be a wonderful addition to any garden or porch. If you have been thinking about getting some new furniture for your outdoor area, then there certainly are many different brands and styles to choose between, however if you want to invest in something timeless and well built that will last for more than one season, then going for this brand certainly makes a lot of sense. Smith and Hawken makes gorgeous outdoor furniture that are well built as well and that also feature impeccible taste.

In fact, you can find a range of Smith and Hawken metal furniture such as Smith and Hawken iron furniture as well as Smith and Hawken aluminum furniture in various sizes. To go for metal as opposed to wood or wicker for instance definitely makes a lot of sense if you're looking for something that will hold up well to sun, wind and rain and that you don't have to be as careful about protecting as you would have to be with other materials. Another nice aspect is the fact that you metal doesn't require any upkeep or maintenance as wood does for instance, so all you would have to do is to give the pieces a good rinse every now and then to keep them clean and nice looking. Of course with metal furniture you definitely want to make sure you get some nice looking cushions to go with it, since it can be rather uncomfortable to sit on metal chairs without a nice cushion. So if you're thinking about getting some nice new furniture for your patio or porch, then checking out Smith & Hawken's selection would definitely be worth it.

 Smith and Hawken Panisse Dining

"Reminiscent of French wrought-iron balconies with its smooth contours, rounded edges and airy sunburst design. Crafted from powder-coated wrought iron and galvanized wire. Table size is perfect setting for two. Chairs stack for easy storage when not in use"

Smith and Hawken Monaco Dining

"Authentic, classic styling is combined with the convenience of modern cast aluminum construction. Hand-cast cabriole legs and lattice surfaces express casual elegance. Nearly identical to traditional cast iron. Lightweight and nearly maintenance free"

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Smith and Hawken Chair

Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:00 am
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To go for a Smith and Hawken chair to place in your garden, on your patio or perhaps on your porch, would surely be an excellent way to go if you have been thinking of what type of furniture to invest in. To go for either a Smith and Hawken dining chair, a Smith and Hawken teak chair, a Smith and Hawken metal chair or a Smith and Hawken wicker chair would be a great choice since these are so well built and feature such a fine and timeless design which truly would work well in almost any setting.

You can find a range of Smith and Hawken chairs such as Smith and Hawken dining chairs in wood, teak, metal and wicker. To pick the right material can definitely be a bit tricky, however it does make quite a big difference so it's certainly something worth doing carefully. Wood such as teak can add such charm and is soft and comfortable to sit on. However, occasionally it might need a bit of upkeeep in order to look its best. Metal is very durable and can also look very charming and romantic, especially next to a some nice cushions (otherwise metal can sometimes be quite uncomfortable). Wicker of course would also be worthwhile. You do however want to make sure you get all weather wicker because otherwise mold can easily be a problem.

So there certainly are a few different types of materials to choose between. In either case, Smith & Hawken would be a great choice if you're looking at purchasing a new set of outdoor furniture since their pieces are sturdy, elegant and practical. They feature such nice designs and their quality and build is very good too.

 Smith and Hawken Avignon Dining Chair

"Premium Teak Avignon has the elegance of indoor furniture, yet is crafted to withstand year-round use outside. The Avignon Chair features closely aligned slats and rounded fin edges that recall the lines of formal upholstered pieces"

Smith and Hawken Bonaire Dining Armchair

"Generous in proportion, comfort and style, these new pieces have all the charm of natural rattan wicker with none of its drawbacks. Resin strands are handwoven over hand-welded frames. All-weather wicker resists heat, moisture, cracking and fading"

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Smith and Hawken Gazebo & Trellis

Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:54 am
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If you're looking for a Smith and Hawken gazebo or a Smith and Hawken trellis, then you have many options to choose between. You can find a range of Smith and Hawken wood gazebos, Smith and Hawken metal gazebos, Smith and Hawken wood trellises as well as Smith and Hawken metal trellises which would be a nice addition to any garden. If you have been thinking about expanding your outdoor space and investing in a structure which you can use during the summer and maybe even during the fall and spring, then going for a nice looking gazebo for instance definitely makes a lot of sense.

Perhaps you're already acquainted with Smith & Hawken's gorgeous teak furniture: they make so many nice looking pieces which would be perfect for most patios or porches. However, they also make super nice outdoor structures. Their gazebos and trellises are very timeless and would add a romantic touch to any garden. Whether you're interested in creating a gorgeous retreat for you and your family in the garden, or whether you're preparing for a larger event such as a wedding, you have a couple of very nice pieces to choose between. To go for a metal structure makes a lot of sense since then the durability will be much improved and it can look quite elegant next to a pair of fine draperies or curtains.

 Smith and Hawken Mayfield Steel Gazebo & Canopy

"This elegant structure creates an open-air room. Crowned with a gleaming metal orb, the arched framework supports climbing vines and adds ambiance after dark."

Smith and Hawken Sunbrella Curtain Panels

"Add a finishing touch to any outdoor room with our sheer curtain panels. Crafted from UV-treated Sunbrella fabric, panels resist fading, moisture and mildew in outdoor settings."

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