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Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:50 pm
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Your patio or porch would not be complete without a KingStar sliding door. A KingStar sliding door would add an elegant and practical touch to any existing or new home. The sliding door package includes all hardware and can even be installed to slide right or left. Special colors and sizes are even available by special order. In the spring and summer months coming and going from the porch or patio to the living room or kitchen is a common occurrence. And with the added traffic comes more chances for a sliding door to get nicks and scratches or for the hardware to become loosened. Even the screen itself may fray.

So the opportunity for a new KingStar sliding door is here. The elegant and attractive finish will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and reward. The easy sliding door will make coming and going through your house a breeze. Impress the neighbors with just such a door and watch the compliments come pouring in. You can find KingStar sliding closet doors, KingStar sliding glass door hardware as well as KingStar sliding mirror doors among other products. Sliding closet doors are also available if upgrading your home's décor continues on into the home itself. Sliding closet doors allow the corner space adjacent to your closet to free up. This way you can put an end table or other piece of furniture where the closet door used to open. And don't forget the elegant patio or porch doors can be gotten in mirror finish. These maintenance-free doors are special reminders of your home's worth and desirability. So upgrade your existing or new home in style with sliding doors that add function and practicality with KingStar sliding doors.


KingStar 30" White Bottom-Roll Interior Mirror Sliding Door

"Edge-guard mirror protects against cracking or chipping. Safety backed mirror. Adjustable for out-of-square openings. Package includes all hardware and fasteners"


 ThermaStar by Pella 6' 10 Series Clear Vinyl Sliding Patio Door

"Maintenance-free vinyl frames. Handle set included. Can be installed to slide left to right or right to left. Custom sizes and colors are also available via special order."

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