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Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:36 am
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A commercial automatic sliding door does not have to be difficult to find. Commercial automatic sliding doors can be sleek and durable. You can find commercial automatic glass sliding doors, commercial automatic sliding patio doors as well as commercial automatic sliding door systems among other products. A nice sliding door can really add practicality as well as style to any home. No matter whether you're looking for a vertical sliding door, a vinyl sliding door, a sliding window door or a metal sliding door, you're sure to find something that would fit your dimensions and decor.


C.R. LAURENCE KL01 CRL Kloze-It Automatic Sliding Screen Door Closer

"C.R. LAURENCE KL01 CRL Kloze-It Automatic Sliding Screen Door Closer. The CRL Kloze-It Automatic Sliding Screen Door Closer uses a spring coil that automatically closes sliding screen doors. Mounts easily to the door frame using two screws, and has a retracting nylon cord that conveniently closes the door. One closer and installation hardware is included in the retail package."


Extra handheld controller unit for Doormate Auto Patio Door System

"Activate your Doormate with the push of a button. The remote transmitter can be hand held or wall-mounted. Works with the Doormate automatic patio door system."

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