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Aluminum Sliding Door

Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:51 pm
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The convenience and practicality of a sliding door is unmistakable and an aluminum sliding door is also practical. An aluminum sliding door could install or replace your existing sliding door. Lightweight sliding doors would be a nice addition to any home. And if you add to that the fact that these sliding doors can come in complete assembly, the choice of these sliding doors really presents itself. Coming and going through sliding doors really can take its toll over the course of months and years, but with aluminum sliding doors the durability and strength of craftsmanship really is there.

The porch and patio are frequent sights during the spring and summer months. And the wear and tear on sliding doors is really noticeable. The look and feel of sliding doors is also important because of their openness and frequent use, and you can be sure aluminum sliding doors are up to the task of everyday use. The look and feel of aluminum is second to none. The attractive quality is also apparent and thoughtful. The glass is held snugly in place with vinyl and the entire frame is secure and strong. Your friends and neighbors will surely marvel at the look and finish of these doors. Rest easy on the porch and patio knowing that your sliding doors will last for years to come. Enjoy your company and refreshments to the tune of patio doors that are designed for frequent use. Enjoy the peace of mind aluminum brings. Replace those old or factory sliding doors with a set of patio doors you can truly believe in and rely on. Go with aluminum sliding doors and be happy in knowing the craftsmanship will be there for years to come.


Aluminum Sliding Glass Door Assembly

"Anodized aluminum track assembly. Ideal for lightweight sliding glass doors. Track is satin clear anodized extruded aluminum and comes with nylon rollers. Glass is held snug in bottom track with vinyl shoe. Available in complete assembly or in bulk components. Handles 50# doors. Available in 36", 48", 60" and 72" lengths."


National Mfg. N104331 Wall Mount Single Bracket

"Used at 2' intervals to hang rail to the side of building. 1 Lag screw included. Galvanized finish."

This hardware can be found at

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