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Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:39 am
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If you're looking for an indoor screen door, then you have several options to choose between. To go for an indoor screen door can be a good idea if you want to block off bugs, insects and other things while still retaining the ability too get a nice fresh breeze going in your home. To go for something like this can especially be a good idea if you first have an entrance and then a second door leading into your home: you might find that you would prefer the put the screen up on the second door as opposed to on the first. Indoor screen doors should be practical, and can be affordable. One really good option here, is to get an instant screen door: these you can practically hang anywhere: they are cheap and they work really well.

Another thing about these is that they are rather cheap and they are not as cumbersome and difficult to install as some other types of screen doors which are more permanent. These types of instant indoor screen doors are more temporary: easy to put up and easy to take down. Of course you might instead be looking for a regular screen door that is on the inside of your regular door (screen doors are usually installed on the outside). This might be able to be done with a regular screen door set up, it could be wise to ask the staff at Home Depot or Lowes (or some other home improvement or hardware store) for some more information and advice regarding this particular set up.


Indoor Functional Instant Screen Door



Pella ThermaStar 6' Sliding Patio Door Vinyl 10 Series Grid Low E White Sliding No Brick Mold Reversible Handing with Screen Brass Interior Hinges

"6" Overall frame depth (4-9/16" wall depth). Eliminates the need for drywall return. Handle set included with brass interior hinges"

This door can be found at

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