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Sauder Furniture are well made and durable. This site features a range of Sauder furniture such as Sauder beds, Sauder tables and Sauder chairs among other products.
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Sauder Closet

Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:25 am
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If you're thinking about purchasing a Sauder closet, then you have several options to choose between. Getting a new closet can be a great way to clean up your space, make it more efficient and really take advantage of all the available space that you have to work with. Sauder closets are elegant and practical and you can practically build your own that's adapted to your space. In fact, you can find Sauder modular closets, Sauder walk in closets, Sauder custom closets as well as Sauder storage closets.

A walk in closet is definitely to prefer if you have the space, however even if you just have a regular closet of a smaller size to work with you can make it very smart and efficient where you probably could fit so many more things than you would first think was possible. Sauder Furniture fit great in most homes, it's really the versatility that make these pieces so special. Of course these types of concepts are not just for the master closet: why not utilize this type of product for the storage room, the basement or in any area where you could use a bit more shaping up. But in particular, when your closet isn't organized, then it's really easy to forget about pieces and the end result is pure frustration. So therefore it makes a lot of sense to invest a bit in a more organized situation where you can fit a lot more and you can find your things easier as well. There are of course many different brand that offer this type of product, however Sauder has lots of nice options and their prices are pretty low as well.


 Sauder Closets

"It's a brilliant concept in closet organization from Sauder, the maker of great furniture solutions for your home. And like our standard line of residential furniture, the Sauder Closets Modular Storage System features easy assembly, great design, quality construction, and outstanding customer service."


Sauder Walk-in Closet Options

"Sauder Closets work just as well in a walk-in configuration. The key difference in walk-in applications is the addition of wall brackets used to fasten the tops of component stacks to the wall. This safety feature eliminates the possibility of tipping."

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Sauder Monarch Computer Workcenter

Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:20 am
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In case you're in the market for a new office desk, then perhaps the Sauder Monarch computer workcenter would be something which would be worth looking into. Sauder Monarch computer workcenters are practical and good looking and there are a few different configurations to choose between. You can find Sauder corner computer workcenters, Sauder office computer workcenters, Sauder computer workcenters as well as Sauder cherry computer workcenters.

When it comes to setting up a practical workspace, the desk is really the centerpiece so it's quite important to choose something which works well and that will be as practical for you and your space as possible. Sauder Furniture fit great in most homes. The style is rather simple and matter of fact and quite versatile: plus they are relative affordable; something which is always a welcomed aspect. Since there are a few different models to choose between it shouldn't be too tricky to find one that works for you. For instance, a corner desk would be perfect if you want to maximize your space whereas a regular desk would be better if you don't have that kind of space to work with. All of these pieces come with lots of smart storage shelves and drawers: perfect when you have all those knick knacks, not to speak of papers, binders, pens and more to keep track of. So no matter what type of desk you're in the market for, it can definitely be worth it to check out the Sauder selection since they have quite a few nice pieces.

work center

 Sauder Inglewood Corner Computer Workcenter

"Keyboard/mouse shelf features full extension slides and safety stops. Five adjustable shelves. Vertical racks hold 16 CDs. Dedicated storage for vertical CPU tower. Two file drawers hold letter size hanging files and feature patented T-Lock drawer system. Fruitwood finish."

work center

Sauder Heritage Hill Computer Workcenter

"Contains parts to convert Executive Desk 9843-105 into an L-shape configuration by fastening desk drawers to the Return Kit (drawers not included with return). Keyboard shelf features right and left extensions for a computer mouse. Classic Cherry finish."

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Sauder Home Visions

Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:15 am
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Sauder Home Visions feature practical and good looking closet alternatives. If you have been thinking about upgrading your current closet or wardrobe and get something more practical for modern use, then this brand would surely be worth looking into. Sauder Home Visions closets and wardrobes are affordable and efficient. You can find Sauder Home Visions modular closets, Sauder Home Visions walk in closets, Sauder Home Visions custom closets as well as Sauder Home Visions storage closets to mention a few different options.

Isn't it most girls (and perhaps guys also) dream to get a really spacious and functional closet where you could easily organize everything and make it look pretty. You definitely want something that will work well in your particular area and something that will maximize the use of your space perfectly. Of course everybody doesn't have the space for a large walk in closet, but that doesn't mean you can't get a very practical and useful closet space that is infinitely improved from your old fashioned closet where all pieces really are on top of each other and there aren't particular organizational features. Sauder Furniture fit great in most homes and there are quite a few options to choose between. So no matter whether you're looking for Sauder bedroom furniture, Sauder office furniture or Sauder living room furniture, chances are you'll find something that works with your particular style and that also is practical and reasonably priced.

 Sauder Home Visions Closet Options

"The HomeVisions closet system is the perfect solution to today's closet storage needs. Simple. Attractive. Customizable. Organize your closet and organize your life with HomeVisions."

Monterey Maple with Wood/Satin Nickel hardware

"Transitional styling abounds with HomeVisions in Monterey Maple. Wood/satin nickel knobs combine with raised profile doors and fronts to provide an enhanced styling that’s perfect for any décor -- men’s, women’s or kids’ rooms.

Woodland White with Satin Nickel hardware
Williamson Cherry with Antique Bronze hardware

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Sauder Office Chairs

Tue Feb 24, 2009 9:28 am
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If you're looking for Sauder office chairs, then you have several options to choose between. A Sauder office chair is stylish and comfortable. You can find Sauder leather office chairs, Sauder ergonomic office chairs, Sauder executive office chairs as well as Sauder manager office chairs. Sauder Furniture fit great in most homes. No matter whether you're looking for Sauder bedroom furniture, Sauder office furniture or Sauder living room furniture, chances are you'll find something for a reasonable price that fits great into your space and matches your decor.


 Sauder Deluxe Leather Executive Chair

"Minimal assembly required. Thick, seam-sewn back cushion offers lumbar and upper-back support. Oversized built-in headrest for optimum head and neck support. Genuine leather seat and seat back with matching vinyl sides and back for added durability. Leather padded armrests with sculpted fluid coated arm frames"


Sauder Deluxe Fabric Managers Chair

"Minimal assembly required. Traditionally spacious design with a dual layer for support and comfort. Oversize built-in headrest for optimum head and neck comfort. Waterfall seat front ensures optimum seating comfort for brief or extended periods"

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Sauder Utility Cart

Tue Feb 24, 2009 9:22 am
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A Sauder utility cart would be a nice addition to any office, study or living room. Sauder utility carts are practical and good looking. You can find Sauder project utility carts, Sauder office utility carts, Sauder storage utility carts as well as Sauder computer utility carts. Sauder Furniture fit great in most homes. No matter whether you're looking for Sauder bedroom furniture, Sauder office furniture or Sauder living room furniture, chances are you'll find something for a reasonable price that fits great into your space and matches your decor.


 Sauder Heritage Hill Utility Cart

"Perfect cart for printer, fax machine or microwave. Enclosed back features cut-out for printer paper feed from adjustable shelf to cart top. Hidden casters provide easy mobility. Bright, brass-finish hardware. Classic Cherry finish."


Sauder Beginnings Utility Cart

"Two sturdy shelves. Easy-roll casters. Mission Cherry finish."

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