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Stained Glass Room Divider

Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:53 am
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A stained glass room divider would be a great choice for a closet or other separation area. Stained glass room dividers can be useful, sleek and practical. You can find glass sliding room dividers, panel stained glass room dividers as well as wood stained glass room dividers among other products. A room divider can really be practical if you want to screen a room off, or if you need to create separate partitions. No matter whether you're looking for folding room dividers, curtain room dividers, wood room dividers or privacy room dividers, you have many options to choose between for your specific situation.


 Contemporary Shoji Sliding Room Divider

"Contemporary Shoji Sliding Room Divider is an attractive alternative to ordinary doors in your home. The wonderful modern design on this sliding door room divider gives it an art deco feel with large geometric lattice work. This set of Shoji sliding doors is finished on both sides. You can use the Shoji Sliding Door kit to transform your indoor space into a calming, naturally lit retreat. Shoji sliding doors can be used to in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, patio, or to cover glass sliders - and can even be installed as closet doors.


84" Double Sided Sliding Japanese Shoji Doors Kit

"Sturdy, durable, top quality wood sliding doors, each 36" wide, with frame kit including top and bottom notched wood rails, fiber reinforced, hardened paper shades. Note that lattice is on BOTH front & back, recommended for interior use, ships in 48hrs professionally packed, fully insured from Massachusetts via FedEx Freight - expedited delivery available, curbside delivery only."

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