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Can a Realtor Earn a Living in Real Estate in Todays Economy?

Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:44 am
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Any individual that selects Real Estate as their vocation will soon come to understand that this profession is difficult to see a profit even in a good economy.

Realtors are by definition "Independent Contractors."  Any given Real Estate company will "hold the license of a Realtor" and will in turn receive a percentage of each transaction the Realtor completes.

That being said Realtors may only receive half of the commission from each completed/closed sale. Then there is the issue of expenses, taxes, social security payments etc. etc..

If a Realtor has a client and is by law in a "Brokerage Relationship" with the client then in most cases the Realtor will absorb all expenses; gas, their time spent researching properties, cell phones, company fees, Multiple Listing fees, internet costs etc.

In a poor sales climate, which is the case the last two plus years, Realtors may show twenty, thirty or even up to sixty different properties to a perspective home buyer. A Realtor essentially becomes, in some instances, a "tour guide" for a buyer that may never even sign a purchase contract, much less actually close on a home!

Realtors often have unrealistic expectations of making lots of money in this profession. If you are thinking of getting your license to sell Real Esate then it is important to ask others that are in this profession about their experience. Most important ask them if they have any money left to pay their bills after his closing?


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