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Should a Buyer Disclose His/Her Negotiating Strategy to a Home Seller?

Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:32 am
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This is a fair question. I would encourage all buyers to ask their Real Estate Attorney and their Realtor or Buyers Agent their perspective on disclosing any strategy a buyer may have to a home seller.

Buyers should never disclose their thinking unless they have the concurrence of their attorney and buyers agent. Even with this approval I would at the very least wonder why anyone would make an offer and let the seller know what was on your mind. This knowledge would, in my judgment, allow the seller to ignore your offer without any counter offer being made.

Furthermore it may give the seller the thought that you/buyer really want the house and you will definitely pay a higher price. Realtors are obliged by law to follow the instructions of their clients, in this case the buyer. To not follow a clients instructions may result in a Realtor being fined and or losing their license to practice real estate.

The bottom line is that you should always have a strategy, disclosing any information to the other party of your intent has its drawbacks.

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