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Should New Home Buyer's Consider a For Sale By Owner FSBO?

Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:19 am
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A For Sale By Owner or FSBO is one of the choices any buyer may want to consider. The caveat to a buyer considering a FSBO purchase is one word,  "representation". Will the seller honor a "Buyer's Agent"? If the answer is no then the buyer needs to discuss this with the buyer's agent and with their Real Estate Attorney.

There are multiple considerations including the buyer paying the Broker/Realtor commission. Going it alone, so to speak presents a laundry list of issues that may leave the buyer in jeopardy.

So, buying a FSBO is fine if that is the house the buyer chooses. Buyer's need to fully understand the implications of not having a buyer's agent represent them in the total buying process.

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