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Should Buyers Have a Buyers Agent when They are Just Looking at Homes?

Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:17 am
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Buyer's should engage the services of a professional Realtor at the earliest stages in their decision to buy a home. It is unwise for buyer's to venture out to even just look at a new home subdivision or a Realtor's Open House.

There are too many complex issues to deal with, especially when buyer's have "stars" in their eyes and cannot see the "forest for the trees", so to speak. Issues of Agency are typically unknown to new buyers. The sales agents at a new home subdivision or open house does not have the responsibility to represent the unsuspecting buyer on their first visit.

Buyers would be wise to ask questions by visiting some Real Estate Offices or by asking friends for a referral. Once a buyer has some of the basics of how the buying process works they will be more capable of making sound decisions.

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