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Questions Buyers Should Ask

Mon Apr 07, 2008 12:12 pm
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Questions, information, analysis, and decisions are all a part any real estate purchase. How a buyer goes about navigating through the process of buying a home is subject to the "group" that you/they have assembled ahead of time.

Attorney, Lender & Realtor – Creating Your Real Estate Team

This group includes your Lender, Attorney and Realtor. Think of this group as though they were all in a canoe with you. What would happen to the canoe if everyone did not row in unison. Well, if each member of you team were to row in opposite directions the likelihood is the canoe would turn over and you would be left floundering in the water. Not what you want to happen to you.

Therefore, after assembling your work team, lender, attorney and Realtor, the process will run more smoothly if each of these individuals has had some communication with one another. In the world of real estate it is likely that "professionals" have had the occasion to work together at some previous time.

It is very appropriate for any buyer to ask his lender, attorney and Realtor if they have had past experience's working as a group. Typically people who have worked together with positive results will continue working well together in future real estate transactions.

Sellers and their Agents

There are other players involved in a real estate purchase. Before a buyer submits a contract offer through the Realtor to the seller's Realtor, the buyer should have asked each of the three key players representing them if they can recommend a competent home inspector.

Importance of Quality Home Inspectors

Make certain that you question any home inspector as to what their credentials are.

Do they belong to the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors)? How many homes have they inspected for buyers? Will they provide references?

The real estate process will be less stressful if you follow through with your predetermined steps to act on in a home purchase. Do not be fooled/lulled into believing you can short circuit the process and skip a step. That would be as foolish as representing yourself in a legal matter. Let the people that you have hired to represent you do their jobs.

Your lender, attorney and Realtor should be in constant communication with you. If it becomes difficult to get a return call from any of these folks, then look to replace one or more of them.

Questions from the buyer/purchaser should be welcomed and responded to within a reasonable time. Always ask questions and never think any question is silly. The time you start refraining from asking your Real Estate Team questions is when you start opening the door to problems.

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