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Moving Into Your New Home

Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:09 am
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Once you have received the keys to your new home the move-in process is your next challenge. If you elected to be your own moving company then you will have found out that securing the correct size moving vehicle and having enough friends/family to help is a must.

Moving Yourself

When you do it yourself you leave yourself open to problems that can sometimes cause conflict. What happens when your well meaning friends and family either inadvertently cause some type of damage to the home or to your furniture? The chances are you will be pretty annoyed and second you will probably not have any insurance to cover the damage.

Sometimes the savings will not outweigh the frustration of doing it yourself. If you have given enough thought to doing it yourself and that is your final decision then you should probably consider going to a U-Haul outlet and asking for some guidance. They will probably be able to provide the packing boxes and packing material necessary to reduce the risk of damage to your goods.

Professional Movers

The other alternative is to secure the services of a professional mover. This is often easier said than done. There will always be some type of ad saying how cheap the XYZ Company will handle your moving day. Be alert to the fact that some, not all, of these smaller companies are less than competent. You may find that some questionable looking characters pull up to do the job and you may regret letting them even touch your furniture. I must include a disclaimer here that not all smaller companies are incompetent. Just be aware of the possibility of having a smaller company operating on a shoe-string budget. Will they have liability coverage should your furniture become damaged?

So, if you decide against moving yourself and do not think a small mover is the correct choice then you will probably want to interview one of the major carriers. There are several major companies that are very good. Most of the large companies have local moving agents represent them by using their name.

A major carrier will have liability coverage and will be responsible for damage to your goods and or to your home. The one key point here is that you will be paying a substantial amount of money for their services. Moving does not come cheap. With the high cost of fuel and labor, make certain you get the cost up front and receive a bid/estimate in writing well ahead of the move date.

Keep in mind that the summer months of the year are the busiest time for moving companies. It may be cheaper to move either in the spring or fall. The timing of a move is always tricky. If it works out that you must wait for the children to finish the school year then you may not have any choice. Just remember to do enough planning in advance. 

Whatever your decision, make sure you put enough thought into how you will actually move into the home you just closed on. Do not allow the last, but certainly not the least important issue have a negative affect on what up to the day of actually moving was a smooth process.

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