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Sun Apr 06, 2008 4:25 pm
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Once you have been through the process of finding the best lender, and a competent Real Estate Attorney the next step is to find the right Real Estate Agent for your needs.

Lenders and Attorneys are two of the three key people necessary in a home purchase. The third component of the buying process is to secure the services of a Buyers Agent/Real Estate Agent. Just how to do this is sometimes more of knowing the right process than the actual decision of who to choose. The choice of an agent will come naturally through the search process. You will know the right Buyers Agent once you have had time to ask the right questions.

The Buyers Agent/Realtor that you ultimately choose will have that certain something that works for you. Referrals are one of the best methods to find a buyers agent. Another way is to check the real estate ads, web, print and television.

A Buyers Agent is a licensed Realtor that is, by law required to represent at all times the best interests of the buyer. Most States have a document that should be signed by both the Realtor and the buyer. The document should be explained to you by the Buyers Agent/Realtor. Make certain you ask questions when unsure. There is nothing wrong with telling the Buyers Agent you will sign the document once your attorney has the opportunity to review it with you.

Understanding the Buyers Agency

A Buyers Agent cannot disclose any conversations that you and the Buyers Agent have throughout the time of the purchase and for all time going forward into the future.

This is important for several reasons. Most important is that discussions on why you want to purchase a home and how much you are willing to pay are certainly not the business of the seller or the sellers representative.

Never have any extraneous conversation with a seller, simply because you may say something inadvertently that may give the seller an advantage in the deliberation process of a contract offer negotiation. Always let the Buyers Agent do their job, representing your best interests. Do not make it more difficult than necessary for your buyers agent to act properly on your behalf

There are some excellent sources to look for an agent, but friends and family should go to the bottom of the list. Yes, It is possible that you may insult a well meaning family member or close friend. That is fine, they will understand it is extremely important to have the best possible representation when making the single largest purchase in your life.

Real Estate Companies

Major real estate companies have websites that advertise the company more than the agent. The best agents may or may not be with the biggest companies. There is just no rationale for the best always being with the biggest.

Find an Agent

Time spent asking around is time well spent. It is fine to go to the web as well as asking those in business or service groups. Typically some of the best Realtors are members of Service Organizations (Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions). That type of membership is a telling point as to the long-term sustainability of that Realtor. They have time invested in the community and therefore they typically will be some of the better Realtors to choose from.

There is always a choice available to buyers. Those that typically choose the best qualified Realtors are the buyers that have done the most research and asked the most relevant questions.

The more information you have the better the decision process will work in your favor.

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