Real Estate
The Decision to Purchase Property
The First Step in any Real
Pitfalls To Avoid - Home Foreclosures
As has been written on this site, on more than one occasi
Is Climate A Factor In Purchasing Real Estate?
Climate is indeed a factor when considering a home purcha
Should a One Person Household Buy a Home?
The answer is yes to the question Should
What Percentage of a Buyers Income Should Go Towards The Mortgage?
When buyers apply for a mortgage, through your team membe
What is Included in The Square Footage Of A Home?
When any home is listed with a number representing the si
How Do You Determine What A Home Is Worth?
A comparative market analysis and an appraisal are the st
How Does Buying a Home Compare With Renting?
When renting there are typically no maintenance chores or
Should I Buy a Home Without a Realtor?
Well, it is not mandatory that buyers us
Should I Rent or Buy a Home?
The decision to rent or buy a home is best decided on a c

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