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Should a Buyer have a Whole House Inspection When Purchasing a Home?
A whole House Inspection conducted by a qualified Home In
How Do I Know If I Can Afford To Buy a Home?
The best way for any buyer/s to determine if they can pur
Should Buyers Have a Buyers Agent when They are Just Looking at Homes?
Buyer's should engage the services of a professional
Should New Home Buyer's Consider a For Sale By Owner FSBO?
A For Sale By Owner or FSBO is one of the choices any buy
What is the Best Time of the Year to Buy a Home?
There was a time, before the current real estate bubble,
Should a Buyer Want to Buy a Foreclosure Home?
You can buy a foreclosure as well as any other home on th
Is Location Really Important When Buying a Home?
Well, if location is not important why don't more people
Are New Homes of Better Quality Than an Existing Home?
This question is broad and requires a thorough analysis o
Do School Districts Play a Role in a Buyer's Decision to Purchase a Home?
Good schools equate to added value to an entire community
Should We Buy a Home on a Flag Lot?
A flag lot is typically where there is a right of way, us
Should I Buy a home with All Cash and No Mortgage?
The answer to this question is it depends. If you can in
What Is a Foreclosure Bus Tour?
A Foreclosure bus tour is organized by Realty Companies i
Should a Buyer Disclose His/Her Negotiating Strategy to a Home Seller?
This is a fair question. I would encourage all buyers to
Can A Homeowners Association Foreclose on Your Home?
The short answer to the question can a Homeowners Associa
Why Builders Will Not Reduce The Sales Price of New Construction
New home builders have had a difficult time over the past

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