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How Much of A Mortgage Loan Will FHA Finance?
The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) will finance 100
How Do I Find A Mortgage Broker?
In some States Brokers are licensed. The
What is Negative Amortization? - Finance
Some adjustable rate mortgages allow the
What is a no Cash-Out Refinance?
This is a refinance transaction which is not intended to
Basics a Buyer Should Know About Home Mortgages
A mortgage is a long term loan that uses real estate as c
Reverse Mortgages for Seniors
Are Reverse Mortgages for Seniors a good idea? The short
Why is the Real Estate Market Losing Sales With Low Mortgage Rates?
The real estate market is in the middle of a mort
What is the Difference Between Points, Fees and Interest Rate?
Points are an up-front fee paid to the l
How Do Closing Costs Affect My Interest Rate?
If a buyer chooses to finance the closing costs on a home
Are Bigger Lenders a Better Choice Than a Smaller Lender?
Buyers should look at their individual needs when choosin
This May be A Great Time To Refinance
If you own a home and have a mortgage that is "curre
What is a Loan Origination Fee?
The Loan Origination Fee is charged by the lender/broker
Which Mortgage is best Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate?
In most cases a fixed rate mortgage is the best for a buy
Are Property Taxes Included In My Monthly Mortgage Payment?
Yes, property taxes are part of the escrow and are includ
What is the Escrow?
Escrow is best known in the business of
Is a Short Sale a Good Idea to Avoid Foreclosure?
A short sale is a means to avoid foreclosure. If your ban
When Buying a Home Can I Request the Seller Contibute To Closing Costs?
When writing a real estate purchase agreement/sales contr
Are Reverse Mortgages a Good Thing for Seniors?
The answer to this question at the point of equivocating
How Important is an Attorney at a Real Estate Closing?
Buyers must have an Attorney to represent their best inte

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