Real Estate
Agency and Real Estate
Agency in Real Estate is an expresse
Plat Maps & Books
A Plat is a map/chart of a tract of land in any given loc
Title Search
The Title Search is the process of check
Deeds & Deed Restrictions
Deed Restrictions the limitations in the
Realtors and Types of Agency
A Buyer's Agent is a real estate broker
Terms Buyers Need to Know
Acceptance one of the four elements of a
General Real Estate & Property Terminology
Cancellation Clause a provision in a con
Real Estate Terms to Know
Commitment Fee is a charge made by the l
Real Estate Terms To Have at the Ready
Deposit the money commonly used with sales
Date of Closing
Date of ClosingThe date on which
Defective Title, Defects in Title
Defective Title A title which wou
Dual Agency, Dual Agent
Dual Agency an agency relationship in wh
Easements are present in nearly every ho
What Is The Listing Agreement?
A listing Agreement is a contract betwee
Who Is the Broker And What is The Brokers Role?
The Broker is the legal person employed
What Are Closing Costs?
Closing costs are the fees for servi
What is Earnest Money?
Earnest money is money put down to demonstrate your serio
What Does Tenants by the Entirety Mean When Closing on a Home?
Tenants by the Entirety is when a husban

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