Real Estate
Curb Appeal
When anyone wants to sell their home there are a few thin
How Do I Find Out How Much My Home Is Worth?
Home Values had, until this last year be
Does Curb Appeal Have an Impact on Buyers?
Curb appeal is the key to influencing a buyer whether the
Will Installing A New Roof Improve Curb Appeal?
Curb Appeal goes beyond just flowers and green grass. Whe
Does Clutter in A Home Impact A Buyers Decision?
When buyers walk into any home the first impressi
What is the Best Time of Year to Sell a Home?
What is the best time of year to sell a home? That
Do Sellers Have the Ability to Negotiate Real Estate Commissions?
The answer is yes. A seller does have the opportunity to
What Repairs Should The Seller Make?
If the seller wants to receive top dollar for their home,
How Can an Attorney Help a Seller?
An attorney is just as important to the seller as to the
What is Seller Financing?
Seller Financing is when a seller helps to finance a real
What Are The Benefits of Seller Financing?
Seller Financing offers tax breaks for sellers and altern
How Are The Rates Set For Seller Financing?
The interest rate on an owner/seller loan is negotiable.
How Do I go About Downsizing And Sell My Home?
Seniors and retirees are in fact a large segment of the h
What Can I Do To Make My Home Sell Quickly?
Sellers have several things that can be done to enhance t
Should a Seller Start With a High List Price?
The housing market has changed dramatically over the last
Will Too Many Different Color Paints Have a Negative Affect on Buyers?
When a homeowner elects to paint each room in their home
Can I Sell My House on the Internet?
Yes, just about anything can be, and is sold via the inte
What Must a Seller Do To Prepare Their Home To be Sold Quickly?
Sellers all want the same result, their house sold in a s
Should I try Selling My House as a For Sale By Owner?
Selling one's house by going it alone is more appealing i

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