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If you are thinking of getting
Questions Buyers Should Ask
Questions, information, analysis, and decisions are all a
National Home Builders Seeking Home Buyers
Most of the major home builders are dealing with the sub-
What Tips Can You Share on Negotiating Home Purchase Contracts?
The more the buyer can find out about the sellers motivat
Are Condominiums a Good Investment?
Condominiums have generally held their value even with th
Where Do I Get Information About Finding A Real Estate Attorney?
The best way to find a real estate attorney is to contact
How Do I Know If I Am Ready To Buy A Home?
Some of the first questions to ask yourself are:
How Does the Lender Decide The Maximum Loan Amount I Can Afford?
Any lender will consider your debt to income ratio. This
As A Buyer How Can I Find Out About Schools In a Community?
Buyers have always had a concern for good schools. There
What Should A Buyer Look For When Walking Through a Home?
Buyers will typically have a mental picture of what they
How Many Homes Should A Buyer See Before Making a Decision to Purchase?
The number of homes any buyer should see prior to making
Do I Need To Be Present At The Home Inspection?
It is not required by law nor by the home inspector, howe
Are There Special Mortgages For First Time Home Buyers?
Lenders offer several mortgage options which can help fir
What Happens After I Have Applied For a Mortgage Loan?
It typically takes a lender from 2-7 weeks to complete th
Is an Older Home a Better Purchase Than a New Home?
There is no reasonable way to definitively say it is bett
What Can I Do To Lower My Homeowners Insurance Costs?
Homeowners insurance is becoming a major cost factor for
What is the Difference Between Pre-qualifying and being Pre-approved?
Pre-qualification is an informal way to see how much a bu
What Responsibilites Do Buyers Have During the Lending Process?
Buyers should have a competent real estate attorney throu
What are the Risks in Owning Real Property?
There are risks in owning property:Property owners
What Can The Buyer Do If The Seller Refuses to Close?
When a real estate purchase agreement/contract is ratifie
What Items Are Included In a Real Estate Contract?
A real estate contract includes but is not limited to:
How Should A Buyer Prioritze A Home Search?
Buyers come in several categories. There are firs
Why Do First Time Buyers Make the Wrong Decisions When Buying a Home?
Home Buyers are not perfect decision makers. Buyers are
What is the Single Most Important Decision When Buying a Home?
When buying a home the first and most im
What Can a Realtor Do for a Buyer that the buyer Cannot Do for themselves?
Buyers are people. Realtors are people also. The differen
What Advice Would You Give to Help me Choose Between My Two Favorite Homes?
Having two favorite homes is a good problem for any buyer
What Can a Buyer Do If the Seller Will Not Budge On Price?
In the past when a seller had the advant
What Should a Buyer Look for in a New Community?
Buyers will typically move to a community where they feel
Why is it Important to Check Out Schools Before Purchasing a Home?
The word in real estate is location, location, lo
What Are Some Things Buyers Should Know About Home Shopping?
The first thing to know as a buyer is to pay clos
Who Pays The Fee For a Buyer's Agent?
A buyer's agent is retained by a buyer f
What Does Location, Location, Location Mean in Real Estate?
This may sound like a trite statement but it is relevant
Will a Buyers Expectations Meet Reality?
Buyers typically have a vision of what they believe they
Will Buyer's Need Greater Cash Reserves To Buy a Home?
Lenders typically require buyer's to have cash reserves w
What is the Multiple Listing Service MLS?
The Multiple Listing Service, commonly referred to as MLS
Does Attending an Open House Help a First Time Buyer?
An open house may come in several forms. The first is whe
What About Real Estate Programs on Television?
Real Estate advertising on television has been around for
Is the FSBO Market a Large Portion of the Total Real Estate Market?
The FSBO (for sale by owner) market typically ranks anywh
Are There Benefits To Gated Communities When looking to Buy?
Gated Communities typically do not allow
What is pre-foreclosure Flipping?
Preforeclosures are a very well defined
How Should a Buyer Maintain Judgment and Manage Emotion When Home Shopping?
Buying a home is more than just another financial transac
Is Renting a Truck and Doing It Yourself the Best Way to Move?
Moving is always more complicated than it looks. Packing
Will Buying a Home Near A Regional Mall Be a Good Decision?
Location, along with the condition of any home will have
Is Buying the Model Home in a Subdivision Advisable?
Here again there are positives and negatives to purchasin
When Buying a Home that Borders on a Farm is That a Good Idea?
Buying a home anywhere can be a good idea, however growth
Is it a Wise Decision to Buy a Home That Borders a Landfill?
This is one time I will say without hesitation it is not
When Buying a Home is There a Best Style of Central Heating?
Home heating takes multiple forms. Types of central heati
What is a Cluster Development?
A cluster development is the grouping to
What is a Real Estate Commission?
A real estate commission is the percenta
Is it Smart to Buy in a Master Planned Community?
The answer to this question is it depends. If a buyer req
As a First Time Buyer What Do I Need to Know?
First, secure the services of a quality Realtor
Should I Wait to Buy Until I sell My Current Home?
It is always best to have a ratified contract
Should I Wait Until Interest Rates Go Lower To Buy a Home?
Current mortgage rates are favorable for buyers. The issu
Should I Make a Home Buyer's Checklist?
It is a great idea for all buyers to maintain a record of
Will the Floor Plan of the Home We Buy Make a Difference?
Floor plans will make a difference, so buy that dream hom
What Should a Buyer Know About Home Maintenance?
When closing on a home, especially if it will be your fir
How Should Buyer's Measure the Performance of Their Realtor?
Buyer's are known to be impatient. The real estate market
How Does a Buyer Determine How Strong an Offer To Make on a Property?
The strength of an offer should be based on multiple crit
When Buying a Home Should I Be Concerned About Termites?
Termites are found just about anywhere and everywhere. Bu
Is Buying Real Estate Still a Good Choice for Investors?
Real estate is always a good thing. The issue is how well
Is There Any Way for a Seller To Avoid Paying a Real Estate Commision?
Well, the short answer is yes, but with certain caveats.
How Should a Buyer Interpret a Multiple Listing Services Information Sheet?
The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a valuable tool whe
Are There Different Types of Listing Contracts?
A listing contract is an agreement between you (seller) a
How Should a Home Buyer Protect Themselves in a Real Estate Purchase?
A home buyer can ensure that their home purchase will not
What is a Contract Acceptance With a Contingency to sell another Property?
When a seller accepts a contract to purchase property fro

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