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Ralph Lauren Poster Bed & Canopy Bed

Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:47 am
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This Ralph Lauren poster bed or a perhaps this Ralph Lauren canopy bed would surely put a different spin on your bedroom. In case you have been thinking about getting some new furniture for your home, then going for this brand would be a good idea because they have so many nice looking pieces that feature designs which definitely can be tough to come across. These Ralph Lauren poster beds and Ralph Lauren canopy beds are well made and comfortable.

Take a look at the Demere bed for instance: it features gorgeous posters with detailed carvings and silver plated collars. This bed shows off a pretty dark shade of wood which goes perfect with crisp white sheet. It also comes with a headboard that you can have upholstered in the fabric or leather of your choice, so it can definitely be pretty personalized.

Then you have the Cape Lodge bed, also showcased below. This piece certainly has a more contemporary appeal. It's made out of mahogany that's made to resemble bamboo and it's quite thick in design. Overall this gives it a pretty tropical look and feel and it certainly looks imposing.

To god for a poster bed or a canopy bed would surely be a good idea if you have a large room and you want to really fill it up and make it something special. Within the Ralph Lauren bed collection you have quite a few nice pieces to choose between, so it doesn't matter what style of bed you're thinking of, you're sure to find something suitable.


Ralph Lauren Demere Bed

"A set of four gathered-reeded posts complete with silver-plated collars furnish this Regency-style bed with alluring architectural details. Two upholstered panels in the headboard, upholstered in any fabric or leather"


Ralph Lauren Cape Lodge Bed

"A dramatic four-poster mahogany bed has been fashioned to resemble bamboo with upholstered rails and headboard."

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These beds can be found at ralphlaurenhome.com

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