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Ralph Lauren Bar & Trolley

Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:39 am
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To go for a Ralph Lauren bar or a Ralph Lauren trolley when it becomes time to decorate your home, could definitely be a good idea since it will lend your home a certain sophistication. These Ralph Lauren bars and Ralph Lauren trolleys are elegant and practical and would be perfect if you want to set up an old fashioned bar area complete with bottles, shakers, glasses and accents. With the Hollywood bar for instance you would get a very classic and sleek look, and you could hide all the bottles and things inside the cabinet for a clean impression. This piece is quite small so even if you don't have a lot of space in your living room or dining room to work with, you could probably squeeze this piece in. The modern Metropolis trolley on the other hand featues a very different style with metal lines, a glass top and a very modern approach. This piece feels retro and contemporary at the same time: it certainly is very cool and would add tons of charm and character to a space. If you need something that you can move from one space to another, then it definitely makes more sense to go for a trolley as opposed to a still standing bar.

Overall, the furniture by Ralph Lauren are just gorgeous. They exude such timeless charm and style so if you're trying to find pieces which you won't tire of too soon, and that should hold up well to wear and tear over time, then going for something like this would definitely make sense. 


Ralph Lauren Modern Hollywood Bar

"Crafted of parchment and polished walnut with exquisite silver plate details and a mirrored interior, this elegant bar cabinet is the epitome of luxury."

Ralph Lauren Modern Metropolis Trolley

"Taking cues from streamline moderne designs, this striking bar trolley has a glass top, polished nickel casters, and a swiveling rosewood shelf."

Capitan Bar
Duke Bar

These bars can be found at ralphlaurenhome.com


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