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Kirkland Costco Tri Ply Clad 13 piece Cookware Set

Last Modified: 12/16/09
First Published: 11/09/09
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Brand & Type: Kirkland Costco Tri Ply Clad 13 piece Cookware Set

Price: low, around $200

Rating: high

Description: 13 piece clad cookware set, includes:

Pros: clad construction, many pieces, great price, lids fit various pieces

Cons: wish the set included a 12 inch fry pan

Conclusion: This set just proves that great cookware does not have to cost $260 for an 8 quart stock pot. We came across this set while looking around Costco and were very surprised to find something that we liked. Most of the cookware sets they carry are lower quality, either non-stick or lightweight and flimsy.

While we have not directly used or tested the set it was heavy and strudy. (see update) Feels more like Viking cookware than All Clad, since it seems a little thicker than All Clad. Other than the lack of a 12 inch frying pan we really like the inclusion of an 8 quart stock pot/dutch oven.

The 8.5 inch pan is a little small but all the pieces have a great feel and the handles were very comfortable. We really liked the stainless steel lids, too often Calphalon includes glass lids with their pieces.

For $200 this set is really very well made and should perform perfectly. Consider that Viking or All Clad has single pieces that are more expensive than this entire set and from a visual inspection are hard to differentiate.

Update: We recently purchased this set and have been testing the pans for a few weeks now - excellent design, comfortable handles and solid construction.