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Costco Kirkland 8 Quart Tri-Ply Clad Stock Pot Dutch Oven

Last Modified: 11/17/09
First Published: 11/17/09
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Brand & Type: Costco Kirkland 8 Quart Tri-Ply Clad Stock Pot Dutch Oven

kirkland 8 quart dutch ovenRating: high

Price: low, sold in a set

Description: 8 quart tri-ply clad dutch oven, stock pot with lid

Pros: widebase, high sides, stainless steel clad design, great stainless steel lid

Cons: none

Conclusion: We came across a set of tri-ply clad cookware in Costco and decided to give it a try. One of the big reasons we thought the set was a great deal was this 8 quart dutch oven. The entire set was $200 and includes 13 pieces.

The design of this 8 quart stock pot is really great for making stews, soups and chili. This is not exactly a soup pot since the base is relatively wide and the sides are not as high as a true soup pot. All Clad has an 8 quart dutch oven that is similar but the sides are lower, more like a dutch oven than a stock pot, but the price is much higher. The set also includes lids that fit tight and they are all stainless steel, which we like much better than tempered glass.

Testing the stock pot

We decided to test this pot with a batch of french onion soup. That way we could see if there were any hot spots over the long cooking period.

How To Make French Onion Soup

We started with 10 large onions, ~ 7 1/2 pounds with about 4 tablespoons of butter, a little salt and pepper.

8 quart french onion soup

first image 2:45 pm

The pot was perfect, no hot spots and the onion caramelized without any problem.

second image 4:00 pm

third image 4:47 pm

fourth image 5:00 pm

fifth image 5:15 pm