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Screwpull by Le Creuset Trigger Wine Opener

Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:45 pm
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Brand & Type: Screwpull by Le Creuset Trigger Wine OpenerScrewpull by LeCreruset

Price range: around $130

Rating: 7

Description: Unique corkscrew opener with a trigger-grip handle which extracts the cork from bottle in seconds.

Pros: Interesting mechanism that is easy to work with and fast.

Cons: The price - this is a very expensive corkscrew opener.

Conclusion: This wineopener is quite expensive - however if you really like the convenience and ease of using this opener and if you drink a lot of wine, it might be worth the cost.

From the manufacturer:

  • Includes: 4-wheel matching metal foil cutter, "holster-style" display stand and handsome black lacquer case
  • Can be placed on bottle with one hand, automatically adjusting to bottle neck size
  • Grips and holds securely for safe, efficient removal of cork
  • From Screwpull, inventor of the original Lever Model corkscrew
  • Clean regularly with warm soapy water

The screwpull can be found at

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