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Riedel Sommeliers Bordeaux Glass

Last Modified: 04/11/08
First Published: 11/19/07
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Brand & Type: Riedel Sommeliers Bordeaux Glasses riedel

Price range: Very High, around $90 per glass

Rating: High

Description: Riedel Sommeliers Bordeaux Glasses. The Sommeliers collection is handcrafted and made of lead-crystal.

Pros: These handcrafted Bordeaux glasses are so beautiful and delicate - made for the true wine enthusiast. These are among the highest quality wine glasses on the market and gorgeous in every way.

Cons: These glasses are very expensive. Unless you truly appreciate wine, these glasses might not be worth the high cost. These glasses are also very thin and delicate and they have to be dealt with very carefully.

Conclusion: These glasses are absolutely gorgeous. Riedel makes wonderfully exquisite (and expensive) glassware and their sommeliers series is top of the line. These glasses have a large bowl that allows the bouquet to develop and the rim is precisely shaped to deliver the wine toward the front of the palette.