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Riedel O Pinot Noir Nebbiolo Wine Tumblers

Last Modified: 04/11/08
First Published: 11/19/07
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Brand & Type: Riedel O Pinot Noir/Nebbiolo Wine Tumblers, Set of 2 riedel

Price range: Medium - High, around $25

Rating: High

Description: Larger Riedel Wine Tumblers perfect for Pinot Noir.

Pros: Very elegant design. These glasses are sturdier than regular wine glasses. Very nice, high quality tumblers.

Cons: The glasses are very thin and probably easy to break. Some people don't like this tumbler model for wine. They are a little pricey.

Conclusion: These glasses are quite nice. Riedel makes wonderfully exquisite (and expensive) glassware. The glass shape enhances the taste of Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo and makes your wine experience more enjoyable.