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Fiesta Dinnerware

Tue Apr 08, 2008 7:19 pm
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Brand & Type: Fiesta Dinnerware

Price range: medium, individual pieces vary

Rating: 8Fiesta Dinnerware

Description: Fiesta Style Dinnerware Collection.

Pros: comes in 14 colors to mix and match.

Cons: none.

Conclusion: This collection is very colorful and is dishwasher safe. Ideally you would want a variety of patterns and this would be one of them, very nice collection.

From the manufacturer:

"Perhaps the name "Fiesta" was chosen in 1936 because the famous collection comes in nine festive colors. The collection's solid colors all coordinate with one another, so feel free to mix and match. After all, what's a fiesta without mixing it up a bit?"

Fiest Dinnerware is available at

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