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Square Porch Columns

Sat Jul 02, 2011 6:42 am
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Square porch columns raise the level of grandeur for any home desiring a classic or traditional look. The round shaft and base provide the look and feel of sturdiness and reliability. They touch off an already creative design with just the added touch of classicism, thus returning your home to a more traditional look and feel. Square front porch columns, square tapered porch columns, as well as square wood porch columns, among other products, may enhance and beautify your home.

The look of classicism may yet touch off just the right addition of art and style. If pre-modern design and culture are your desired taste and class, look into square porch columns for their sturdiness and versatility. The square tapered columns are non-porous and waterproof, thus making them easy to work with. And don't forget square porch columns come in fiberglass porch columns, vinyl porch columns, aluminum porch columns, or wrought iron porch columns. With all of this convenience and choice available at your disposal it's no wonder square porch columns maintain their popularity and mystique with so many homeowners. Choose the type of design that suits your needs as a homeowner.

Go with wrought iron for its appeal of style and character or go with a composition that you know will last the length of your home such as aluminum. And don't forget the availability of Colonial columns as well. Fit your home with a group of these porch columns and watch your home enter another era of prosperity. So be bold and exalt you and your home with a group of square porch columns.


Square Porch Columns

"The paneled column offers a detailed alternative to the smooth column. The paneled column includes bold raised panels, resulting in a distinctly detailed column that retains its versatility. The PVC Craftsman column is the modern answer to the traditional wood column. Durable, low-maintenance and attractive, the PVC square tapered column is a versatile addition to homes crafted in traditional styles, including American Craftsman, Colonial, Prairie and Bungalow exteriors. The column includes an elegant taper that adds a bit of drama and elegance to this classic column. Square tapered PVC columns are thermally stable, non-porous and waterproof, and easy to work with."

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