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PVC Porch Columns

Tue Jun 21, 2011 10:50 am
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PVC porch columns would be a great choice if you're about to replace your current porch columns and this time you want something that is durable and doesn't require any maintenance whatsoever! These new materials nowadays have completely expanded the repertoire of home improvement products and enable you to get really neat designs, often for much less than was previously possible

PVC which is a vinyl polymer, also known as a type of plastic is very durable, easy to clean and doesn't require any of the maintenance that wood does. In other words, there is no staining, no painting, just a bit of washing to keep the columns looking great. A PVC porch column fits great with many different decors, because it's such a flexible material, companies are making columns out of it in so many different designs and styles - it really shouldn't be too difficult to find something that works with your particular setting.

A nice set of porch columns can really frame a house and give a whole new look, so if you feel like the facade of your house is lacking something, then it could very well need a new set of columns (just be careful to not but overly ornate columns on a very clean and contemporary house for example since that can look just awful and wrong.) Another benefit of PVC columns is that this material is rather light, so the columns are easier to move and install. And if you're tired of all the upkeep and maintenance wood requires and you're ready to move into new and modern (and more practical) materials, then going for PVC is probably the right thing. Oh, and the other great thing about this particular material is the price: buying new PVC front porch columns will be so much cheaper than purchasing nicely carved wooden columns and the two will look pretty much identical (that is if you're looking for white columns and not wood grain...)


Square Porch Columns

"The paneled column offers a detailed alternative to the smooth column. The paneled column includes bold raised panels, resulting in a distinctly detailed column that retains its versatility. The PVC Craftsman column is the modern answer to the traditional wood column. Durable, low-maintenance and attractive, the PVC square tapered column is a versatile addition to homes crafted in traditional styles, including American Craftsman, Colonial, Prairie and Bungalow exteriors. The column includes an elegant taper that adds a bit of drama and elegance to this classic column. Square tapered PVC columns are thermally stable, non-porous and waterproof, and easy to work with."

These columns can be found at polyclassiccolumns.com

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