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Tue Jun 21, 2011 10:36 am
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Lowes porch columns would be worth checking out if you're loking for affordable and nice looking products for your home. Over at Lowes you can indeed find a pretty nice selection of already premade porch columns (which basically are ready to install) by brands such as AFCO Industries, Fypon, Turncraft and Gilpin. These varios brands do of course make substantially different products: The AFCO porch columns for instance are mostly made in aluminum, yet feature various clean and simple designs (square, round etc...) The Fypon porch columns have a metal insert, yet a durapoly surround which makes for a very decorative product (with a rather ornate and elegant design) whic still is pretty affordable. The Turncraft porch columns seem to be made out of pine which is nice to see. Sure, pine is a rather soft and affordable wood, but if you're out looking for a real wood column that isn't made out of plastic or steal, then this one might be worth an extra look. (Plus, with a nice coat of stain you can get the exact color or shade you desire.) Then lastly you have the Gilpin porch columns which feature a very different design from the other brands: these products are made in metal, they are welded with a baked on black finish and feature a rather decorative design which would surely add additional curb appeal.

So overall at Lowes, you can find old fashioned porch columns which makes you think of grand, old estates, as well as more modern products which are completely without decorations and carvings. Then there are also metal columns which will give a home a completely different appearance than the aforementioned columns. Either way, all of these options are priced very competitively, and since the sales staff at Lowes tend to be very friendly and helpful, it might be a good idea to check them out and get a better impression of the various options available.


 AFCO Industries Aluminum 96"H x 6"Dia. Square Fluted Column

"Economical. Easy to install. Maintenance free. Load bearing"


AFCO Industries Aluminum 8'H x 8"D Round Fluted Column

"Economical. Easy to install. Maintenance free. Load bearing"

These porch columns can be found at lowes.com

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