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Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:58 am
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To go for Home Depot porch columns would certainly be a good idea, if you're in the market for a column. It's amazing what a difference an appropriate set of porch columns can do for a home, visually. At the same time, it can also bring the appearance down of a home quite substantially if it doesn't fit. For example, a very modern home should not have ornate porch columns, and really the other way around.

However, if your house fits with the concept of porch columns, then great for you! This type of addition can add tons of style and character and really give a house that charming look and feel which means so much. There are of course many different brands to choose between, however if you're on a budget you won't necessarily have such a tough time. A Home Depot porch column is affordable, durable and available in various styles. There are quite a few different styles to choose between within their selection: you can find rather ornate and decoraotive porch columns as well as very simple and clean looking columns without any decorative accents what so ever.

Once you have found a nice set that you like, you should think of color. Some of these columns come in beautiful wood, and if that goes with your house, then great. However, if you need your columns to be painted white or some other shade, then that would work too. When it comes to brands, over at Home Depot you can find columns by Foster Mantels, YellaWood as well as Eye Level to mention a few, and all of these brands make very different products, so it shouldn't be too difficult to come accross something suitable to your particular structure.


 Foster Mantels Large Unfinished Fluted Vine Column

"Add intricate, handcrafted detail to staircases, countertops, consoles and more with this elegant, solid red oak accent. Acanthus leaves climb the base of this column to meet handsome hand-carved flutes. Richly incised detail includes grape motif on front and sides. 4-1/2 In. W x 4-1/2 In. D x 36 In. H. Unfinished stain grade."


Foster Mantels Standard Unfinished Grand Acanthus Column

"Seen in classic design for over 2000 years, this column of acanthus leaves and fluting is a symbol of strength and beauty. It is hand-carved of solid Red Oak. Use for stair parts, or as legs under countertops and consoles. Ready for stain and finish coat. Standard column size measures 28-3/4 In. tall by 5-7/8 In. width and 4 In. depth. (The product in the image is shown unfinished, ready for your stain and lacquer.)"

These columns can be found at homedepot.com

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