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Will Barack Obama Be The Democrat Candidate for President in 2012

Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:43 am
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Way back in 2008 most Americans had more than enough of George W. Bush. The Republicans essentially handed the Democrats the keys to the Whitehouse by "Punting", a football term, and nominating John McCain & Sarah Palin. Most voters, including yours truly, made the decision to go with Barack Obama. Most Voters/Citizens probably thought John McCain was "long in the tooth" and Sarah Palin, who was she anyway!?

Well, we all know Barack Obama won handily and most had good feelings about a younger person with a new vision, ala John Kennedy.

We are almost half way through President Obama's term of office and it is reasonably possible, at this point in time, that Barack Obama will not even be the Democrat Standard Bearer in 2012.

Inexperience, poor Leadership and championing too many new & costly "Programs", Healthcare etc. have the Country with  nearly double digit unemployment and record deficits with no sense of correcting course.  

There is however a steady hand at the "Tiller". None other than "Bubba", Bill Clinton. If anyone had the opportunity to watch Bill Clinton during his recent "Clinton Global Initiative", in New York City, one had to marvel at the way Mr. Clinton comported himself.

Confident, at ease, a Leader, on top of the issues, only if he could run again, but wait, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could run for President. Currently Hillary Clinton is working very hard to be a very good Secretary of State, loyal to a fault to Mr. Obama.

Just suppose for a moment, it may be a reach, that Hillary Clinton resigns her position as Secretary of State at the end of 2010. There would be ample time to fundraise, gather some key team members and begin a long hard road to the Whitehouse.

Maybe not as far fecthed as it would seem. Bill Clinton would be the perfect Campaign Manager. Most voters, right, Left and center would at least listen to some ideas to get our nation out of the current "funk" we have experienced the past three years.

The Republicans may well "implode once again" and  let the Tea Party lead them once again to defeat in 2012. Some things may seem ludicrous and maybe not so ludicrous.

It is "The Economy Stupid", so said George Carville. He was correct in 1992 and he could be correct again in 2012.

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