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The United States Possible Intervention into Libya

Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:02 am
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Moammar Gadhafi has never been anything more than a thug, zealot, criminal. Gadhafi has remained in power in Libya since 1969. The internal struggle currently going on in Libya is probably long overdue. The possibility of the United States becoming involved in another quagmire is very real. 

Some history, the United States Military remains in Western Europe 66 years after the end of World War ll. The United States has been in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly a decade. The reason for these conflicts has to at least raise questions and serve as lessons in how our Nation should deal in Foreign Policy.  

Senators John McCain & John Kerry are now setting the path for a "no-fly zone" in Libya. If that is the course President Obama is setting for our Military, it is just plain wrong!

Our Nation can no longer afford to have our Military strength stretched beyond reasonable limits. If we had a "Draft" in this country we would have already concluded operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Make no mistake about it. Protests would have been at every level in every State. So I support what Representative Charles Rangel has advocated, restore the Draft!

To the immediate issue of Libya, the United States should only participate in a "no-fly zone" as part of NATO or the United Nations.

Libyan oil is still flowing to China, while the United States is looked at to be the World's Policeman. This policy cannot continue. Our nation is falling apart literally. Schools closing, education is in a state of disarray and yet we spend two billion dollars a week in Afghanistan, to prop up another dictator like Hamid Karzai.

We must not put our Nation and our Military in any more no win situations!  President Obama must have the will to not follow the lead of Senators like McCain & Kerry.

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