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Republicans Will Win The Whitehouse Back in 2012 If

Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:49 am
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Here we are just 16 days from Election Day, November 2, 2010. The only folks making out this election season are those media outlets (TV, Internet, Radio, Newspapers) carrying the plethora of political ads; yes include the much maligned United States Postal Service in that group.

Republicans appear poised to at least take back the House of Representatives.  The most recent Rasmussen Poll thinks the number of House Seats that will be won by the Republicans and taken from the fractured Democrats could be 55. This is substantially more than the 39 necessary for the Republicans to regain control of the lower House of Congress.

Some pollsters see the Senate as possibly being a 50-50 split. Joe Biden might be busy if that scenario plays out. There certainly could be some tie votes in the Senate requiring Vice President Joe Biden to cast the deciding vote on any legislation garnering 50 votes for and 50 votes against.

So now we look towards 2011 and 2012. If Congress and The Whitehouse (Barack Obama) do not get their act together, and address our economy and budget deficit, voters may become more incensed in 2012 and open the door for a Republican President, maybe.

Several scenarios could play out in 2012. Maybe Barack Obama will be renominated by his Democrat cabal on the Left. Maybe, just possibly, Hillary Clinton will resign her current position as Secretary of State and at the behest of her husband, Bill Clinton, and frustrated Democrat Loyalists seek the Democrat nomination in 2012. This could be more than just a wild notion if Barack Obama does not get the country on the right track. Polls continue to have seven out of ten Americans saying the Country is headed in the wrong direction.

Know this to be a reality, if Hillary Clinton would consent to run as Obama's Vice President in 2012 Joe Biden would be thrown under the proverbial bus by Barack Obama before one could say the "Jack Robinson"! Remember those that have been in Barack Obama's path blocking his way to the Whitehouse, Reverend Wright comes to mind.

The odds at this point are that President Obama will run in 2012 without Hillary Clinton on the Democrat ticket. Why would Bill Clinton want Hillary Clinton to help Barack Obama get re-elected? In 2016 Hillary Clinton would be 69 years old, too old to seek the Presidency for a First Term. In 2012 Hillary would be 65 years old, still young enough to run for President as a "First Termer".

Bill Clinton has been on the stump campaigning for Democrats all over the country.  Former Governor Jerry Brown in California would owe Bill Clinton big time if he (Brown) wins a very tight election over Republican Meg Whitman. Clinton will continue to campaign for Democrats until election day. Who will these Democrats owe? Not Barack Obama! Bill Clinton may just call in the "chits" owed to him in 2012 for Hillary! Just a possible outcome mind you, but certainly plausible.

So, if Obama is the nominee and the Republicans nominate a moderate candidate that is not a "Tea Party" devotee, they just might capture the Whitehouse in 2012. The Republicans would probably win with someone like General David Petreaus on top of the Ticket. The biggest mistake the Republicans could make is to have a candidate the likes of Sarah Palin on the Ticket. I see no serious-minded American Voter with any sense of logic and reason voting for Palin, wether they be Republican or Democrat.

Understand that Republicans realize they have a unstable stick of dynamite named Sarah Palin in their midst. Sarah Palin does have signifcant sway with certain constituencies within the Republican Party. The dilemma for the Republican Party is how to diffuse Palin. Maybe the moderates should thank John McCain, resident maverick, for the current situation. Had Sarah Palin not been selected by John McCain in 2008 she would probably still be in Wasilla.

Pipe dreams, opining, wishful thinking; did anyone really know who Barack Obama was prior to winning his United States Senate Seat in Illinois? Do not underestimate The Obama's and/or the Clinton's. Two very capable Political families. Give the edge to the Clinton's. Bill Clinton is the smartest Politician, in the past 50 years, since Joe Kennedy.

If Barack Obama does not "Govern from the Middle" in the next two years then either Hillary Clinton or a moderate Republican may just be the next President in January 2013!

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