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President Obama's Failure as a Leader

Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:11 am
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President Obama is a nice guy, no argument here. Obama is more the "Professorial Type", not the leader of the "Free World". The World is currently waiting for President Barack Obama to speak, supposedly on the condition of the Economy and yesterday's "Debacle on Wall Street".

Here is how I see it. Obama is beatable in 2012. The issue is the Republicans do not have an MVP type candidate to send up to bat. Baseball metaphors are best to paint this picture. President Obama is like the skinny kid walking up to the plate quaking in his spikes with the bases loaded.

The only problem is this baseball Player, President Barack Obama, has no chance of hitting the baseball out of the park just when it is most needed. The best this President can hope for is to get a free pass, (a walk) or maybe get on base by getting hit with the baseball. This just won't happen. Paint this picture just a little bit more. Obama at bat and Philadelphia ace pitcher Roy Halladay on the mound; no chance Obama gets that homerun.

Enough of baseball metaphors. President Obama cannot stop digging in the the hole he and the Nation is in. And that hole is is getting bigger & deeper. Change is necessary. We do not need four more years of this Malaise. Sound familiar. Remember President Jimmy Carter.

Republicans, if you read this and decide to get an MVP Candidate that moderates can vote for you will reclaim the Whitehouse in 2012. If you persist with the likes of Mitt Romney, boring, and Michelle Bachmann, unnerving and ludicrous, no chance period!

Get it! The Country should be bigger and more important than Political Party!

Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:24 am
Name: Bob | Comment: With Michelle "Looney Toons" Bachmann on the mound and Romney catching, all Obama really has to do is wait for a wild pitch in the dirt, get out of the way, and wave the guy on third (Biden? Clinton?) home to score. Even if Obama bunts one, the fielders will all be too busy looking in their gloves for Tea Bags to throw anyone out.

Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:30 pm
Name: Randy | Comment: Nah - Biden would miss a sign because he is talking Boehner who has his tanning goggles on in lieu of his under eye black grease and will miss the play. Clinton would be making googly eyes at the Bat Girl. However, Newt would be buying votes for the All Star game, Perry's day dreaming about the Rangers seceding from the American league to form its own league and Pawlenty would be steeping his jock strap in some hot water thinking he is making tea.

This game is going into extra innings.

Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:11 am
Name: Ron Paul Supporter | Comment: President Obama needs to wear his training pants. He is in over his head and does not know which way to go. He is the proverbial lost traveler in the wilderness of politics.

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