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Oregon Governor's Race 2010 Dudley (R) vs Kitzhaber (D)

Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:20 pm
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Something unique to politics is happening in Oregon in 2010. Typically in any given Political contest in our country the electorate is fortunate to have one half decent candidate running for office from either major political party. 

An example of poor quality candidates is in the State of Nevada where current United States Senator Harry Reid (D) and Sharron Angle (R) are all that the voters of Nevada have to choose from as their United States Senator for the next six years.

Oregon in 2010 will choose a new Governor to replace Ted Kulongoski who cannot seek re-election due to term limits. John Kitzhaber (D) and Bill Dudley (R) are the candidates that voters in Oregon will need to make a choice as to which man will lead Oregon out of the doldrums beginning in 2011.

Each man seems to have at least some skills necessary to be a quality leader. John Kitzhaber has been Governor of Oregon in the 90's and is seeking another term. Bill Dudley Has been successful as a leader of the NBA Players Association. Dudley has worked with labor unions and has a background of building consenus and getting things accomnplished.

It is logical to think that Oregon will be in a good position to be successful no matter which man becomes Governor. Would it not be a good thing to be able to make this very statement relative to other elections in our country.

Oregon has done well in how these men have been selected to run for office. Oregon voters should be congratulated for having voted for Kitzhaber and Dudley in recent primaries.

Maybe some good fortune will come to Oregonians as we inch closer to November 2, 2010, election day.

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