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Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin on the Republican Ticket 2012

Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:35 am
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Earlier today on the Joe Scarborough, Morning Joe Show on MSNBC there was the usual political banter about various issues, some relevant and some "jibberish" to fill some time.

One item did catch my attention. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the top two picks for the Republicans in 2012.

While I do think Mitt Romney is a reasonable person to run for President  of the United States I see a choice such as Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2012 as the quickest way to have a second term for the Democrats and Barack Obama.

Romney would be 65 years old in 2012, while not exactly ancient, old enough to have some concern that he would be too old to make it through a four year and or eight year term. Health is always a concern for a Presidential candidate.

The one thing that most reasonable people understand, I hope, is that Sarah Palin is incompetent at best and a disaster for the Republicans should they make the mistake of allowing her to carry her "vaudeville routine" to the  national election scene once again.

Do the Republicans not yet see the folly of John McCain choosing Sarah Palin in 2008. How many votes were lost because of that poor choice? Will history repeat itself? The Democrats would probably love to contribute some money to Sarah Palin's campaign fund!

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