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How The Republicans Can Win The White House in 2012

Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:11 am
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Barack Obama won the Presidential Election quite handily in 2008. He captured something like 365 Electoral votes and carried States like North Carolina, Virginia & Indiana, typically not in the Democrat column. The Republicans essentially capitulated and gave the Democrats the easy win by choosing John McCain and Sarah Palin as candidates for President & Vice President on the Republican Ticket.

Approximately 18 months into the Obama Administration has exposed Barack Obama's lack of skill in dealing with the "workings" of the inside the beltway politics in Washington D.C..

President Obama has a higher unfavorable rating than he does a favorable rating 44% for and 48% opposed to his policies. President Obama is losing the support of Independent voters, men and even some of his Liberal Democrat colleagues.

This set of circumstances appears to signal one of two possible outcomes. The Democrats become concerned with Obama as a candidate in 2012 and look to Hillary Clinton to step in or Obama remains on the top of the Democrat ticket and loses to a Republican.

Not quite as simple as it looks. If the Republicans act similarily to the way they put together the 2008 Presidential ticket they stand to lose again.

What the Republicans need to do, no must do, to win in 2012 is to select a highly qualified candidate to run as President. This cannot be Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Tom Pawlenty or the like. These folks may be great people but they are not Presidential material.

The possible list of candidates so far for the Republicans in 2012 is "slim pickins" as it were. A possible candidate is Romney, not very personable however experienced. Another possible candidate is General Patreaus should he retire from the military in the next 12-18 months. He would certainly have "gravitas" something Obama lacks.

Of the other possible long shot candidates is Meg Whitman who is currently trying to win the Governors race in California. Should she win and do anything half right to straighten out the finances in California would be a major boost to her possibilities as a Presidential contender in 2012.

What cannot happen is to have another ridiculous slate of Republicans  try and win on lower taxes and ultra conservative values. That flag will not fly up any flagpole to win in 2012.

The winning ticket will/must have a detailed plan to begin to deal with the  economy, entitlements and immigration period. No slick talking Mike Huckabee is going to win.

The problem for Jeb Bush is that his last name is Bush. Jeb may well have the right stuff to be president with the wrong last name.

I look for more of the same nonsense from the Republicans and unfortunately more of the same from the Democrats leaving us as pawns in the usual "political power struggle" in Washington D.C.!


Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:11 am
Name: Joseph Lupo | Comment: The sooner the better. The Republicans need to get a good ticket and as soon as possible. The persons must be articulate, knowledgeable, speak well, be computer literate, and unfortunately no more than middle age and nice looking. No matter what you say, people vote for all different things and how handsome or ugly someone is also matters. This is very unfortunate but true. Of course knowledge and experience and public service are vital aspects as well.

Hopefully, the primary fight will not be too long as the candidates have to raise A LOT OF MONEY AND CAMPAIGN VIRTUALLY NON STOP. In fighting would only make it worse.

A good VP nominee would be Senator Marco Rublio from Florida. Being latino, smart and good looking and spanish speaking also will be a big draw for Latinos to the Republiucan side and what they have to offer.

They also need to have a GOOD AND SENSIBLE PLAN for the economy, unemployment, education, the environment and a way to end the wars abroad and cut some foreign aid money to other countries and use it here to build up the infrastructure.

The slogan should be: America First: Taking back our country and the world.

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