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Hillary Clinton Looking to Refine Goals of War in Afghanistan

Sun Jul 18, 2010 5:35 am
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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is currently in Pakistan talking with Pakistani President Asif Ari Zardari hoping to get greater cooperation from Pakistan in dealing with how the final outcome of the nine year War with Afghanistan will take place.

Typical of how the United States gets cooperation with countries like Pakistan there are substantial United States dollars involved. The amount of money to be sent to Pakistan for "non-military" projects is in the neighborhood of $1.5 Billion dollars a year for the next 5 years.

What is not openly stated by any party involved (Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or the Pakistani Government) is what may be happening behind the obvious. Will Hillary Clinton resign as Secretary of State given the low poll ratings for President Obama? Few people think Barack Obama has demonstrated the Leadership necessary to effectively win a second term as President in 2012.

Should the Democrats lose control in either the House or Senate or both in the November 2010 elections Hillary Clinton may decide to resign her position as Secrertary of State late in 2010.

If this scenario plays out there will be sufficient time for Hillary Clinton to mount a campaign to run for President in 2012. Many Democrats would like for this to happen. President Obama may have passed a Healthcare Bill and will most likely sign a Financial Regulation Bill in the coming days with unintended consequences. Very few people really care! Obama is more in the conversation for what he has not been able to do than for what he has been able to do.

The War in Afghanistan is going badly. The Economy is on the verge of a double dip recession and unemployment remains high. President Obama is currently soliciting help from Bill Clinton in how to deal with the economy.  President Obama must be tired of hearing about the 22 million jobs created during Bill Clinton's Presidency. 

There is plenty of time to see what plays out here. The next five months may prove to be the most critical for President Obama. It looks from here as though President Obama is a real nice guy without the Leadership and Command skills required to be President of the United States. Not to worry Bill & Hillary Clinton are waiting in the wings to bail out the Democrats and bail out the Economy.

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