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Hillary Clinton as Vice President in 2012

Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:23 pm
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The Democrats are getting nervous about the 2012 Presidential election. John Fund writes in the Wall Street Journal that former Governor Doug Wilder of Virginia has already thrown Vice President Joe Biden under the bus. Wilder is already setting the stage to have Secretary of State Hillary Clinton run as President Obama's Vice Presidential running mate in 2012. Doug  Wilder is using Politico.com as his platform for this undertaking. President Obama is somewhere in this process. Obama has a history of throwing people under the bus to his own benefit.

Example, Rev. Wright, President Obama's old pastor and General McChrystal and Senator Tom Daschle and how about Governor Blagojevich etc. etc.

The problems with the current Obama Administration lead directly to the following suspects for their collective & individual failed leadership; Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid & Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel  to name but a few. How Joe Biden got thrown into this pile is beyond me. Biden has evidently been deemed the one to be most expendable.

President Obama bears much of the blame for the lack of economic growth over the past eighteen months. No matter, Joe Biden will be the one "to fall on his sword". 

Hillary Clinton would be foolish to run as Obama's VP in 2012. What could Hillary Clinton possibly gain? I know, she would have Obama's support to run for President herself in 2016. Hillary needs to talk to "Bubba" her husband Bill Clinton. I do not see Bill Clinton sanctioning this politcal move for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton could resign as Secretary of State, mount her own political campaign for President with none other than Bill Clinton running her 2012 campaign and not even look back in the rear view mirror at Barack Obama.



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