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Ron Paul Republican Presidential Candidate Internet Superstar

Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:33 am
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The presence of Texas Congressman (R) Ron Paul, a relatively obscure and lesser known candidate for President in the Republican field, has the attention and the financial support of the Internet crowd.

Ron Paul is more popular on Facebook, than Senator John McCain. He has more friends on MySpace than Former Governor Mitt Romney. Ron Paul's MeetUp Groups, with nearly 12,000 members in almost 300 Cities, are the biggest in the Republican Field. His YouTube videos have been seen more than one million times. More than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat, with the exception of Senator Barack Obama.

Ron Paul is a self described "Old School" guy and is the most surprised by his success on the internet. Ron Paul is exactly right when he says again and again that the Republican Party is in a shambles. The reality is Ron Paul's success on the internet is not translated in the Republican Polls that have him lagging behind.

Ron Paul says, "I am for the individual" and "I'm not for the Government". Oh!, if it were only possible to actually have Ron Paul in the Oval Office. The usual suspects in both the Democrat and Republican Party would run for the hills.

If you are a supporter of Texas Congressman Ron Paul please let this scribe hear from you. I have become a supporter of Ron Paul after having read so much about him and his policies on the Internet. 

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Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:33 am
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